True North

Since ancient times, countless brave captains of mighty ships have faced their fears and sailed out, onto the vast oceans, using their compass and astrolabe to navigate.For centuries, they were perplexed and confused by the enormous difference between Magnetic North and True North. Their compass pointed to Magnetic North, so they followed it, but ended up hundreds of miles off-course.

They read their compass correctly;  the problem was that they did not know there was a big difference between True North and Magnetic North.

Magnetic North versus True North:

Magnetic North changes.True North doesn’t.That’s the difference.

The Analogy is this:True North is the White Hot Core of Radiant Existence, the Passionate Field of Life Energy, the Gloriously Illuminated Sphere of Bright Love, in and as all beings, even poor little ol’ you and me, the cat, the bugs, everything.

Magnetic North is the TV land of sitcoms, News-and-Snooze, fake reality, zero love.

True North is the Red- Blooded,  White Hot, Super Sexy, Sweating, Swooning Passion of Heartfelt Intimacy between Part and Whole, Consciousness and Matter, Self and God.

Magnetic North is a joke, a distraction from This — the Real.

Magnetic North is everything in your life that is not stable.It shifts.It moves, often at the worst moments.It’s quicksand, cannot be trusted.It’s fake news and junk science.

Discard it.

True North is Love, your Very Essence.


Trust Life, NOT the counterfeits of It, sold to you by the Pimpocracy.

Trust Life.

Then, Show Up as Love and Energy.